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Welcome to K- Smile Dental Care, the best dental clinic in Kodambakkam, chennai . We commit to Creating beautiful smiles with a gentle touch, Provide solutions for all ur dental problems under one roof. With our experienced and well developed infrastructure we create beautiful smiles everyday. We acquire efficiency and excellency in handling your dental issues at your ease. Our foundation has modern facilities with professional procedure rooms and spacious waiting spaces. We take comprehensive care of our client’s comfort and satisfaction with the dental aid and our surrounding environment.

We euip ourself with most modern equipment and technology for every solution of your dental well-being. At K- Smile Dental Care - dental clinic in Kodambakkam, chennai, we optimise for best result so contact us to get the best oral consultation.

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Smile Makeover

It is a process to improve your smile with veneers, bonding, dental implants, and cosmetic dentistry.

Dental Implants

They offer a permanent alternative to missing teeth. It provides a strong and stable base for replacement teeth.


They are a set of clear removable aligners that help straighten your teeth.

Root Canal

It is a treatment to repair and save a badly infected or damaged tooth.

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