Dental implant in Kodambakkam, what to expect?

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Dental implant in Kodambakkam
  • Do you feel heartbroken while grinning because of your missing teeth?
  • Are you looking for a treatment for this?

Indeed, “dental implant” can solve your problem.

Anyway, do you know what you can expect during your dental implant treatment session in Kodambakkam, Chennai?

Numerous individuals in Mulund don’t have a clear idea of what a dental implant is. Thus, let us start with a short conversation about dental implants.

Well, dental implants are artificial tooth roots. It is a screw-like post made with metal. We fix the dental implant surgically in your gum. After setting the base in your gum, we fix a crown. This procedure takes place in the subsequent meeting. At K- Smile Dental Care, best dental clinic in Kodambakkam, Chennai we look towards all your dental issues with proper care.

By and large, your tooth has two sections; one is the root, and another over the root, the crown. When you experience a harmed or missing tooth, we can treat you with numerous procedures. Be that as it may, nobody is lasting other than this dental implant.

All in all, when do we suggest dental implant treatment? 

Like some other treatments, a dental implant additionally requires an appropriate diagnosis. Dr. Bhuvaneshwari, the Best dentist in Kodambakkam, Chennai suggests the technique if you are a suitable client to have the treatment. If you are going for a dental implant, we will check whether you have adequate bones or not.

Followings are the circumstance when we advise you to benefit from the treatment. 

  • Suppose you have developed a cavity and tooth decay. Henceforth, there is no alternate route other than removing the harmed tooth. Accordingly, it will make a vacant space after the extraction. It will assist you in covering this hole forever.
  • If you have lost your tooth because of any mishap.
  • If any abnormal tooth is making an issue with your oral wellbeing.

In this way, since you have perceived that when we can suggest the treatment, let us focus on the treatment method in Kodambakkam.

Our dental embed treatment includes- 

Pre-treatment examination

  • At your first visit, we will see your dental issue. We will go through an intensive assessment of your jaw, teeth, and gum; whenever required, we may ask you for a full mouth X-ray.
  • While doing the assessment, if we see any harmed tooth or broken tooth, or any missing tooth, we will instruct you to go with the dental implant procedure.
  • The X-ray will help us understand the extent of the success of the procedure.

Medical procedure- 

First meeting 

  • Before your treatment, we will apply sedation into your gum. It will assist you with the issues related to pain.
  • Then, we will slice your gum to notice your bone. Then we will fix the metal implant on your jaw bone.
  • Then it comes to the ideal opportunity for cutting your jaw bone. The size of drilling relies upon your prerequisites. While doing this, we will be very serious about your nerves and gum tissues additionally so the method doesn’t hamper you.
  • Now, when putting the metal post is complete, we will fix the implant screw.
  • Once the titanium implant finishes on your jaw bone, we will close the zone using your gum tissues.
  • Finally, we will join the tissues and set a healing cap for the embedded post. The stitches will benefit you by withholding your new dental implant in the appropriate spot of your gum.

Second meeting 

It will require a couple of months to prepare the area for the next activity. After having full certainty that everything is lovely with your dental implant and your gum, we will fix the crown on your metal posts. The dental crown is the upper piece of a prosthetic tooth.

If you require the essential touch-ups after the treatment, we will give you that. These will assist you with getting a beautiful appearance.

A dental implant is a medical procedure that isn’t so complicated. You can return to your home around the same time. You need to follow our solution correctly and take all the medications.

On the off chance that you experience any problem after the end of your medical procedure, you should reach us. We will provide you with the appropriate cure.

To avail the proper treatment, book your appointment for a meeting now.

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