Invisible Teeth Straightening- How do they work?

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Invisible Teeth Straightening


In this generation of selfies, photoshoots on beaches, and uploading the same on social media accounts is a norm, so having perfect teeth has become essential. Only when you have straight and ideal teeth can you have an ideal smile and a perfect picture.

But how can I get perfect teeth?

Don’t worry! If you are thinking we are talking about braces, then you are wrong! We understand that many people hesitate to wear traditional metal-wired braces as they are visible and spoil our smiles.

What we are talking about is invisible aligners.

What are invisible aligners, and how do they work?

Unlike traditional braces, invisible aligners are invisible, and so you can wear them without hesitation or feeling conscious. Also, you can remove them, unlike braces. You will get a new aligner every few weeks to help you move your teeth into the desired position.

Invisible aligners are made from a clear plastic or acrylic material and help straighten your teeth and move your teeth into the desired position. To get invisible teeth aligners that will help you get a perfect tooth and a perfect picture, visit a dental clinic in Kodambakkam.

Are invisible aligners for everybody?

Invisible teeth aligners are more suitable for people of higher age and not children. Also, they are more ideal for patients in Kodambakkam who have minor crowding and spacing issues of teeth. For severe spacing problems, it is not suitable.

How long does it take for invisible teeth aligners to show results?

The time taken for invisible teeth aligners to show results depends upon how much the teeth are required to be moved or how crooked your teeth are. The more your teeth are crooked and moved, the more time it will take for the invisible aligners to straighten your teeth and move them to the desired position. But the approximate time taken for this treatment is between 10-24 months.

How are invisible aligners better than braces?

As mentioned before, invisible aligners, unlike braces, cannot be seen, and thus one can smile and talk without hesitation or feeling conscious. Also, unlike braces, aligners can be removed when needed; therefore, we can eat, brush our teeth, etc with ease. Invisible aligners lead to better overall oral health.

Is the need for a perfect tooth just for a perfect smile and picture?

No doubt that perfect straight teeth enhances our smile and helps us to click good pictures of ourselves. But other than that, straightening your teeth is a must to keep your teeth healthy.

  • Have you ever had a toothache?
  • Isn’t it excruciating and irritating?

A toothache distracts us from performing our daily activities and poses a lot of difficulties. In such cases, you all must have felt like hitting your teeth with a hammer, right? After all, having a toothache is the most painful and irritating thing. The more your teeth are crooked and have gaps in them, the more you are vulnerable to get a toothache.

So, it is essential to have a straight tooth to avoid toothaches and keep your teeth healthy. Invisible teeth aligners help in the straightening of teeth and thus help you to get healthy teeth.


perfect smile and picture

Now we know the benefits of invisible teeth aligners and how they help get a straight and perfect tooth. We also know how invisible aligners work and for whom are they best suitable. We also learned why invisible teeth aligners are better than braces and why teeth straightening is so essential. We also got an idea about the cost of an invisible aligner.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t you want straight, perfect, and healthy teeth? Don’t you want to be free from toothache and the pain and irritation caused due to toothache and teeth problems?

If yes, visit a dentist in Kodambakkam right now and get an invisible teeth aligner and say a cheese without hesitation! So, get ready to say a long, big, and perfect cheese!

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