Which Dental Clinic Provides the Best Teeth Cleaning in Kodambakkam, Chennai?

At K Smile Dental Care, we provide high-quality and cost-efficient teeth cleaning in Kodambakkam, Chennai.

Our Founder, Dr. Bhuvaneswari Shanmugam, is one of the best dentist in Kodambakkam, Chennai, with more than nine years of experience. Currently, she practices at K Smile Dental Care. It is among the best Dental clinic in Kodambakkam, Chennai. Due to Dr. Bhuvaneswari’s expertise and friendly nature, patients prefer her treatment for all dental problems.

Now, let’s know when are teeth cleaning recommended, its procedure, benefits, and more.

When you suffer from bad breath or plaque accumulation problems, you need effective and long-term treatment for it. Then, teeth cleaning can be the best choice for you. 

What is Teeth Cleaning?

A bright, clean smile can boost your confidence and make you feel comfortable. Brushing and flossing regularly are essential steps for maintaining your dental hygiene.

However, it is challenging to get free of plaque and tartar from each nook and cranny of your teeth. As there is a connection between your dental and overall health, taking care of your teeth and gums is necessary.

Therefore, our dentists recommend professional teeth cleaning to ensure that your teeth and gums stay healthy, giving you a fresh and radiant smile.

Teeth Cleaning

A professional teeth cleaning, known as dental prophylaxis, involves the systematic removal of plaque and tartar build-up from your teeth.

How is Teeth Cleaning done?

  • Your dentist will use specific tools to eliminate plaque and tartar from your teeth and gums thoroughly.
  • The cleaning tools have vibrating points with water jets. The jetting water helps in the elimination of the debris.
  • Next, the teeth are polished using another set of equipment and a polishing mixture to make them smoother and stainless.
  • If gum disease is severe, it may need deep cleaning. The dentist can strike deeper spaces below the gum line, gum pockets, and throughout the tooth root with special tools.
Teeth Whitening Procedure
  • Your dentist will make the root surfaces even, free of plaque and tartar to reattach the tooth’s gums.
  • Teeth cleaning is usually painless. However, if you’re suffering from severe gum disease with sore gums, you may feel slight discomfort.

In such cases, our dentist follows proper pain management techniques to make it a pain-free experience. It takes nearly 45 to 60 minutes for the whole teeth cleaning process.

What are the Teeth Cleaning Cost in Chennai?

The teeth cleaning cost in Chennai is affordable than other extensive dental treatments. Spending on an uncomplicated treatment like teeth cleaning twice a year can assist in detecting dental problems. It can save you a notable expense on future dental expenditures.

The teeth cleaning price in Chennai also depends on the extent of cleaning required. Whether more above the gum line or deep under the gum line. The deep teeth cleaning cost is more expensive compared to ordinary teeth cleaning, as it is an extensive and advanced method.

What are the Benefits of Teeth Cleaning?

  • Removes Plaque :

Plaque is a whitish and sticky film that continuously builds on your tongue, teeth, gums, crowns, dentures, or dental fillings. The bacteria in plaque produce toxic acids from sugars present in food. It damages the tooth enamel causing dental decay.

The gum line’s plaque produces toxins that continuously infect the gums leading to gum inflammation called gingivitis. If gingivitis persists, it can cause gum disease called periodontitis.

Even with regular brushing and flossing, some plaque and bacteria can settle. A dental cleaning can only eliminate it.

  • Removes Tartar :

If plaque settles on the teeth for longer, it combines with saliva minerals forming a solid material, the tartar or calculus. The tartar is irregular in texture and attracts more bacteria. Unlike plaque, we cannot remove calculus by simple brushing and flossing. We need specialized dental cleaning tools to get rid of it.

  • Brighter smile :

Stains and spots on your teeth can make you feel shy while smiling. The polishing step in teeth cleaning can remove stains efficiently, giving a radiant smile.

  • Fresh breath :

The oral bacteria produce compounds that generate bad breath. It can impact your lifestyle. Teeth cleaning is best for getting rid of bad breath.

  • Early identification of dental problems :

During teeth cleaning, the dentist will thoroughly check your teeth and gums. It can help identify early signs of gum disease and cavities hidden beneath plaque and tartar.

Why Choose K Smile Dental Care for Teeth Cleaning in Chennai?

  • Our Chief Dentist, Dr. Bhuvaneswari Shanmugam, has expertise in prosthodontics. It is the technique of replacing missing teeth and structures. 
  • Moreover, she has extensive knowledge and experience in implant dentistry, smile designing, complete dentures, zirconia crowns, etc. 
  • Dr. Bhuvaneswari is a certified Bio-facial Prosthetics System (BPS), the Denture consultant. Also, she has completed a course on lasers in dentistry
  • So, you will be undergoing teeth cleaning by one of the experienced and skilled dentists in Chennai. Hence, your dental health will be in safe hands.
  • We provide the best teeth cleaning in Kodambakkam, Chennai, based on specific and personal needs. 
  • Our clinic has the most superior quality equipment that helps our dentists in minor to complex dental procedures. 

One should often visit the dentist to maintain good oral hygiene and keep any dental problems in check. So, consult our dental expert to book your professional teeth cleaning appointment today.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How often should one clean the teeth?

You must get a professional dental cleaning every six months to prevent gum problems and dental decay. People with gum disease may need cleaning more frequently to control the infection and prevent its development.

How many sessions can one need for the teeth cleaning?

The number of sittings is determined by the severity of the spots and deposits on the teeth. The investigation done by a dentist will give you a clear idea of the number of sessions required. In general, most people with average dental well-being may need a single session for proper dental cleaning.

Does professional teeth cleaning make the teeth brittle?

No. Your teeth don’t become brittle after the teeth cleaning procedure. It is a myth about dental cleaning that links to teeth weakening and movement.