Teeth Whitening in Kodambakkam, Chennai

  • Do you feel shy while smiling due to your yellow-coloured teeth?
  • Want to get rid of those useless teeth whitening home remedies?
  • Are your teeth stains affecting your confidence?

If yes, then teeth whitening is an excellent choice to get whiter teeth and a brighter smile. At K Smile Dental Care, we have the best and cost-efficient teeth whitening in Kodambakkam, Chennai.

Dr. Bhuvaneswari Shanmugam is among the best dentist in Kodambakkam, Chennai, with 9+ years of experience. She practices at her advanced, one of the best dental clinic in Kodambakkam, Chennai. Due to Dr. Bhuvaneswari’s expertise and kind nature, patients prefer her treatment for all dental problems.

Read on to know about teeth whitening, its cost, procedure, types, and more.

teeth whitening

What is Teeth Whitening?

  • Teeth whitening includes the removal of tooth stains or discoloration caused by environmental or chemical agents.
  • By applying a gentle bleach, we can get whiter teeth for the long term without sensitivity. 
  • Different bleach concentrations are available to fulfil your particular needs, like your time, lifestyle, and tooth sensitivity. 
What is Teeth Whitening

What is the Cost of the Teeth whitening in Chennai?

The cost of the teeth whitening in Chennai is affordable compared to other dental treatments. At our clinic, we ensure that you will receive the most inexpensive teeth whitening treatment with the desired results and full safety.

Indications for teeth whitening:

  • Teeth whitening is beneficial for intrinsic tooth stains, fluorosis, tetracycline discolorations, and tobacco stains.
  • Common practices that harm your teeth’ surface and cause tooth staining or darkening include consuming dark beverages, foods with intense pigments like turmeric, berries, or bright-coloured confectionery.
  • Injury can cause deep stains as the mouth responds to the trauma by producing more dentin.
  • Fluoride is efficient in fighting cavities. But children who use toothpaste with a high amount of fluoride are at greater risk of discoloration.
  • Patients who take antibiotics like tetracycline can get teeth stains later in life.
  • The discoloration can be a side-effect of high blood pressure medicines, antihistamines, and anti-psychotic medications.

Teeth Whitening Procedure:

Based on the particular needs, teeth whitening includes the use of different components:

  • Whitening toothpaste with gentle silica abrasives or cleaners helps in the removal of surface stains. It works by smoothly brushing the teeth’s enamel.
  • Peroxide bleach can eliminate deeper and more challenging stains.
  • Hydrogen peroxide is a potent oxidizing bleach. It can break chromogens into smaller, less-coloured, and diffused particles. It is the quickest method to whiten a deep intrinsic stain.
Teeth Whitening Procedure

Types of Teeth Whitening Treatment:

1. Non-vital teeth whitening

It is suitable if you have undergone a root canal. Usually, a root canal treated tooth can get intrinsic stains. The bleaching agents like carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide are inserted into the tooth and left until they produce the desired colour. In the end, your dentist will remove it and set it with a white filling.

2. Vital teeth whitening

It helps in whitening natural, necessary, and healthy teeth. The dentist will use a bleaching solution to the vital tooth surface.

3. In-Office Teeth Whitening

This method includes the use of a strong bleach to brighten the teeth. Here, the bleach is more efficient than the one used in a DIY whitening. The results can last for more than a year if you properly take care of your teeth.

4. Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser teeth whitening can whiten your teeth up to eight shades lighter in less than an hour.

Home Teeth Whitening or DIY

There are various home teeth whitening alternatives, such as toothpaste, mouth trays with gel, paint-on gels, whitening strips, and gum. Here, the products used are gentle than those used in a clinic.

Laser Teeth Whitening

Why Choose K Smile Dental Care?

  • Dr. Bhuvaneswari Shanmugam, the best Dentist in Kodambakkam, Chennai & our Chief Dentist, specializes in prosthodontics. It is a skill of replacing missing natural teeth and structures.
  • Besides, she has immense knowledge and expertise in implant dentistry, complete dentures, smile designing, zirconia crowns, etc.
  • Dr. Bhuvaneswari is a certified Bio-facial Prosthetics System (BPS), Denture consultant. She has also completed a course on lasers in dentistry.
  • At K Smile Dental Care, we provide the best teeth whitening in Kodambakkam, Chennai, based on individual requirements.
  • Our clinic has the most advanced equipment that assists our doctors in minor to complex dental procedures.

If you want a brighter and stainless smile, then avail of teeth-whitening treatment at K Smile Dental Care. So, don’t wait; book an appointment with Dr. Bhuvaneswari Shanmugam.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are teeth whitening treatment painful?

Teeth whitening may lead to sensitivity during or after the procedure with slight pain in the gums. Usually, these side-effects are temporary and reduce within a few days.

Do teeth whiteners destroy tooth enamel?

Research on teeth whitening products using 10% carbamide peroxide revealed no impact on the hardness of the tooth enamel’s surface or mineral content.

Does it take longer for teeth whitening treatment?

The teeth whitening takes only 30 to 45 minutes to get a brighter smile.