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get rid of bad breath

Bad breath, also known as halitosis, is embarrassing and can cause discomfort in certain people. It is no surprise that supermarket shelves are stocked with gum, mints, mouthwashes, and other breath-freshening items.

Many of these goods are just temporary solutions because they don’t solve the root of the problem. As a result, many people visit the Dental clinic in Kodambakkam, searching for a long-term solution to their dilemma.

The root or underlying cause of bad breath odours varies. Some people are worried about their breath even though they have little to no mouth odour, and others are unaware that they have poor breath.

If you are having trouble determining how your breath feels, ask a friend or parent about your bad breath.

The primary sources of bad breath are diets, medical problems, and inadequate oral hygiene. In most situations, good grooming will help you get rid of bad breath.

Easy tips from our dentist in Kodambakkam will help you improve your breath and keep your teeth and gums safe. To make your mouth feel clean and new, follow these steps:

Brush and floss regularly

Plaques, the sticky deposits on the teeth that cause bad breath, produce bacteria that cause bad breath. Brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss once a day. If you’re worried about your breath, try doing both more often.

Do not brush too vigorously; if you brush too hard, you risk wearing down your teeth, leaving them vulnerable to decay.

Rinse your teeth of water

A mouthwash provides more protection and kills bacteria. You feel amazing when you use mouthwash with minty flavour. The mouthwash you use must kill the germs that cause bad breath. Do not just reduce the odour. Rinse with a good mouthwash daily to stop foul breath in its tracks.

Wash your mouth with clear water after eating. It removes food debris trapped in the teeth.

Clean your tongue

Harmful bacteria may grow faster on the coating that appears on the tongue. Clean your tongue lightly with the toothbrush and get rid of the bacteria.

If you cannot reach the back of your tongue with your brush, use a scraper. They are designed to spread pressure uniformly across your tongue’s surface. Brushing itself is ineffective at removing bacteria, food waste, and dead cells.

Do not consume the foods that trigger bad breath.

Onions and garlic are two of the worst things. Brushing your teeth after eating them won’t help much.

The molecules that trigger their foul odours enter your bloodstream and travel to your lungs, where you breathe them out. So, what is the most effective way to address the issue? Consume them in moderation or stop them when going to work or meeting friends.

Get rid of the nicotine addiction

Smoking will damage your gums, stain your teeth, cause bad breath, and increase cancer risk.

Nicotine patches will help you quit smoking. You can get them from any general counter. If you need a little more support, talk to your doctor about it or avail of prescription drugs that will help you quit smoking.

Instead of mints, have chewing gum as an after-dinner treat.

Sugar is the favourite ingredient for bacteria in your mouth. The bacteria produce acid from sugar, which damages the teeth and induces poor breath. Instead, go for sugar-free gum.

Gums stimulate saliva production, which is the natural protection against plaque acids that cause tooth decay and poor breath.

Keep your gums in good shape.

Poor breath can occur due to gum disease as well. Bacteria can accumulate in the pockets at the base of the teeth, resulting in an odor.

If you have gum disease, your dentist can recommend that you see a periodontist specializing in the treatment of gum disease.

Soak your teeth with water.

If you do not produce enough saliva, you may develop tooth decay and have bad breath. Drink an adequate amount of water during the day if your mouth is dry.

You can rely on sugar-free candy or chew sugar-free gum. At night, use a humidifier to hydrate the air in your home.

If basic self-care methods do not work, speak to your dentist at our best dental clinic in Kodambakkam to ensure your poor breath is not resulting from anything more sinister.

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